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X-Ray Integrations, TWAIN and 3D Images setup in TDO


  • Carestream (formerly Kodak): for X-Ray sensors and 3D images.  We provide several methods of taking x-rays through TDO with the RVG sensor. We also have an integration for both the CS9000 and CS8100 3D units. 
    • Support:  877-624-6243 (when contacting Carestream, please make sure to mention that you use TDO to take X-Rays or 3D images)
  • JMorita for 3D images. TDO provides a direct integration to J Morita’s patient database which allows you to easily launch their software and acquire 3D scans. 
    • Note: JMorita’s patient database has to be configured prior to the integration, please contact JMorita for more information.
    • Support: 1-800-831-3222
  • XDR: XDR sensors have a full integration with TDO Software. For more information: Version 12: XDR Installation  
  • Schick for X-Ray sensors:  A Twain driver is needed to have the Schick sensors to work with TDO. Driver installation files can be found at http://www.schickbysirona.com/
  • Optime (Soredex)for X-Ray sensors: A Twain driver is needed to have the Optime sensors to work with TDO. Please note that the cost of the TWAIN, if any, is the responsibility of the office and not of TDO Software. 
  • Dexis: Dexis sensors work with TDO utilizing an automation process where the Dexis software is launched by clicking X-Ray on the Acquire page. The image can then be taken in Dexis and copied into the Acquire page in TDO. For setup information, please check this article. 
  • ScanX: http://www.apteryx.com/scanx-twain
  • Digora: Works with TDO using a Twain driver.
  • DSLR Remote Pro (Breeze) for Canon Cameras: allows Canon Cameras to work into TDO.  The software has to be installed on the computer(s) and a license is needed (license is good for up to 2 computers). Driver installation file as well as the license can be found/purchased at http://breezesys.com/. Once working outside TDO, it can be setup to work with our software by following the steps listed here.
  • Eye-Fi or Zeiss: For those cameras which are not compatible with Breeze, it is possible to have the images save into TDO using the Folder Monitor and an Eye-Fi card. Configuring TDO Folder Monitor for Image Acquisition

For any sensor not listed, please refer to the imaging manufacturers website to check if they offer a TWAIN driver.

The additional cost of a TWAIN driver, if any, will be the office’s responsibility and not that of TDO Technical support. If there are problems with the TWAIN driver, it is up to the software company that developed it to troubleshoot and it will be up to your IT to ensure that you remain up to date with the latest TWAIN drivers for the sensor. 

Note: TDO does not support any of these peripherals. If the user has any issues with any of these things the user must contact the appropriate vendor. The peripheral(s) must be working outside of TDO in order for TDO to be able to use it. Not all version of third party devices are compatible with TDO, please contact TDO support or check the Knowledgebase for further information on compatibility with TDO.


Important Note About Third Party Integrations

Some manufacturers claim that they have an application that "reads" TDO data for their Imaging software. If the device/manufacturer is not listed above as an integrated company, any access to the TDO database is unauthorized and will breach the TDO Technical Support Agreement. 

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