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How to Upgrade Access Runtime 2002 to 2010


Listed here are steps to upgrade MS Access Runtime 2002 to MS Access Runtime 2010. As version 12 of TDO is only compatible with MS Access Runtime 2010 we suggest doing this on all computers at the office.

Detailed Steps

  • Browse to TDO4Endo.com and login. Select the Download TDO tab and download the SetupRuntime.exe file to your TDO Builds folder. This will replace the older SetupRuntime.exe which was for MS Access Runtime 2002.
  • Open to Programs and Features on your computer.
  • Find the MS Access Runtime 2002 and select Uninstall. If it prompts you to reboot your computer after completion, go ahead and do so.
  • Once uninstall of MS Access Runtime 2002 has completed, double click and run the SetupRuntime.exe in your TDO Builds folder.
  • After MS Access Runtime 2010 has finished installing, run a TDO Autofix in order to reset MS Access processes
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