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Video Integration

Currently there is only one capture cards that TDO has tested will work with TDO:

Winnov AV1000 Plus

*Startech USB 3.0 Video Capture Device (external link)
*Some offices report this as not working, depending on capture source, buy at your own risk.

Any other capture card is a lottery as to whether it will work or not. If you want to use any other unsupported capture card then they you will need to capture the video outside TDO via a 3rd party capture software, save it as MOV or AVI file, then import it into TDO. If there are issues capturing video, we will not be able to troubleshoot.

For snapshots of video there is a workaround with the TDO Folder Monitor. If you configure the TDO Folder Monitor with the path that the capture software exports the snapshots, then those snapshots will be able to automatically be saved into TDO.

As for the future of TDO video integration, there will be new video controls in TDO 12 but we have not yet tested.

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