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Network Settings

Network settings are located under Administrative on the top menu bar and then in Edit Control Table.

On the left, enter your email settings in the section labeled Emailing option.  These must be filled in properly to be able to email directly from TDO.  The easiest way to find this information is to open you current email application and view the settings.  Take those settings and enter them here.  If you do not have an email application configured, your email provider will give you this information. Also, check with your IT professional as they may have your e-mailing options written down. Ask them for the proper SMTP settings to use.

The area labeled MPS Server is for settings related to Mercury and TDO Payment Services. The servers are listed in a emailed document given to your office by Mercury when you sign up. 


The network configuration section on the right is mostly used for replication. Each office must have one location and each location (record) must have the correct Server Name and Database.


The Web Update section must have the path of the WebUpdate.exe file on the server.  This allows your data to be synchronized with your website.


Both the Network Configuration and Web Update sections (the options on the right hand side) are configured by TDO Support when you set up your web and replication services.

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