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TDO Payment Services: EMV and Apple Pay Setup


We are happy to announce a new feature in TDO Payment Services that provides users the ability to process credit card with the circuit chip (otherwise known as EMV).  EMV – which stands for Europay, MasterCard and Visa is a global standard for cards equipped with computer chips.  The switch to EMV means adding new technology and internal processing systems and complying with new liability rules.  In addition to EMV, users can also accept Apple Pay for payments.

For a more in depth explanation on what EMV is and why it is important, please take a look at the Worldpay website here. (external link)

After installing the EMV software on your workstation, you will no longer be able to process credit card payments using old MagStripe readers (commonly referred to as swipers).  You will now use the new EMV-Enabled Pinpad device VeriFone Vx805 to swipe credit cards.



For those office looking to start using the EMV integration, you may order the Verifone VX-805 here:


If you are not yet processing your credit card transactions using Worldpay you must first sign up for the service and should contact:

Clay Miller (Sales Executive)
Direct Phone: (970) 335-5060

If you are an existing Worldpay user, please contact Worldpay to get a new Merchant ID and a deployment ID:

Toll Free 800-846-4472 (If you have questions related to pricing, please view this article prior to calling)

Get the EMV-Enabled Pinpad device, VeriFone Vx805. It can be order through the following link:

Verifone VX-805 Order Form

Download all the relevant files from the Download area of the TDO4Endo.com website (password protected) and save the files to your TDO Builds directory.

EMV available in TDO Version 11.351c and higher only.  We highly recommend that you upgrade to version 11.358 and higher to use EMV.

EMV is only available in TDO Version V11.351c. If you are on an older version of TDO, please contact your IT and TDO Support to schedule a time to update.

Before setting up in TDO

Please have your deployment id and your merchant id given to you by Worldpay ready to input in TDO.  For multiple computers using EMV it is important that you select a primary computer.  This primary computer should install the EMV Software first.

Steps to install the EMV Software

Do Not Forget This Step: If the computer you are setting up to process EMV payments has not run transactions with Worldpay before, you will first need to run the SetupMercury.exe prior to following these steps. Also, please make sure to download the files listed below from the TDO4Endo.com website and save them to your TDO Builds directory. Also, please make sure that when installing you are on a user account that has administrator privilege.

1.From your TDO Builds folder, Double-click the dsiEMVUS-102-Install20151215-W8 file to launch the installation, and follow the screen prompts. Reboot your computer when prompted. The program installs the dsiEMVX.ocx in C:\Windows\DatacapControls

2. Double-click the dsiPDCX.exe file to launch the installation, and follow the screen prompts. The program installs the dsiPDCX.ocx in C:\Windows\DatacapControls

3.  Double-click the NETePay-MercuryHost50611-Install20151117-W8 file to launch the installation, and follow the screen prompts. The application will be installed at: C:\Program Files (x86)\Datacap Systems\NETePay

4. Go to the NETePay directory at C:\Program Files (x86)\Datacap Systems\NETePay.  Double-click on DSIMercuryIP_Dial.exe. You will need to click the Obtain Serial Number button, and request the app to create a serial number. 

5. With NETePay open, click Setup.  Click Load New Parameters button on the bottom.  Click Yes when it asks you to Attempt Activation.  Click on I have my Deployment ID.  Enter your DeploymentID. You can now close the Setup Merchant Parameter screen, but leave the NETePay Screen up and minimize.

If you get an error that says “Parameter version does not match.” When you set up your deployment id Please do the following:
1. Go to your Control Panel and click on Programs and Features. Scroll down and look for NETePay, make a note of the version. It would be in the form of 5.06.11 for example.

2. Go to http://www.datacapepay.com/netepay5-mercuryoos.htm and check if your NETePay has the same version that they have.  If they have an updated NETePay, please download the newer version. Uninstall your older version and install the new version.  

3.  If you have the same NETepay version please contact Mercury to get an updated deployment id.

NETePay is required to be open and you can minimize when processing payments.  If NETePay is not open when processing a payment, TDO launches NETePay.  However we would recommend having your IT adding this exe to your Startup folder so it runs as soon as the computer logs in to Windows. If you will be processing credit card payments on multiple machines, you must only install NETePay on one workstation and ensure that NETePay is running anytime a credit card is processed. Feel free to contact TDO Tech Support if you will need to setup multiple machines on different workstation as it will require additional steps that will not be documented here. 


Setup the Verifone Vx805 Hardware for EMV

Hardware Installation

The Verifone VX805 will be deployed by Worldpay but it will be up to your IT to setup.

1. If you have not already done so, connect the VX805 device to your computer and install the device drivers. 

You can download the device drivers from https://www.hightail.com/download/UlRUZm1XRSs5bEM5TE1UQw


Download the device driver from the TDO4Endo.com website Download section to your TDOBuilds folder. The file you’ll need to download is called USB Driver.zip

2. Go to the Windows Control Panel > Devices and Printers (Windows 7) and verify that the VX805 is displayed. Also verify that you see the vx805 Terminal setup on a virtual COM Port. 

Make sure you write down what COM Port the EMV device is connected to as it will be necessary for TDO Configuration

3. Double-click DSIMercuryIP_Dial.exe to run the NETePay software if it’s not already running.

Please note the date of your deployment ID as it could affect the version of NETePay neeeded. This is listed in your dealer setup letter 

Configuring EMV in TDO 

Go to Administrative > Edit Doctor Information.  If your office has only one location you can enter your merchant ID under the Credit Card Pmt Merchant ID.   

Replicated or E-Commerce Offices

If your office is replicated or had previously signed up to use TDO E-Commerce, click on the Doctor-Location Setup button. TDO will always check if there’s an entry in the Doctor-Location Setup table first.  If there is an entry in this table it will use that Merchant ID.


Click on the Workstation Settings tab.   Enter EMV_VX805_MERCURY under the EMV Pin Pad Type.  Select USB for the Connection Method.  Change the COM port to the one your VX805 is attached to (typically COM 9 but select the port identified in the previous section).

Also in the Network Settings area of the control table, please ensure that it looks like the image below with the value 1 in the MPS Main Server field.


If your office is using Version 11.351c please enter need to enter;9000 in for the EMV server

Close the Control Table and Re-open.

Enable EMV on the VX805:

a. Click the EMV ParamDownload button.  

b. Click OK. The device will display please wait and then loading. It takes about one minute for the configuration to load onto the device. When this is complete, the device will display re-initializing please wait, then Welcome, then re-initializing please wait, then Welcome, and finally you will hear a beep and control will be returned to the test application. Your device is now EMV enabled.

 Firewall needs to be turned off any computer using cc services. 

Setting up secondary computer for EMV Processing

  1. 1.       Determine the primary computer.  The primary computer will need to be turned on with the NETepay running before the secondary computer can be used to process payments. 
  2. 2.      You would only need to install the EMV and PDCX on the secondary computer.  Do not install NETepay. 
  3. 3.      Go to Control Table and click on EMV Param Download.


If you intend to process credit card transactions on more than one workstation, the primary workstation where NETePAY is installed must be running in order to process transaction on a secondary computer. This is what actually sends the credit card transactions to Worldpay. 

Setup User Permissions for Payment Processing

You can skip this section if your office is currently processing credit card payments through TDO and you have already setup user’s permission. 

  1.  Go to Administrative->Add/Edit User Names and Passwords
  2. The User and Password Information will display
  3. Check on the “Process Credit Card payments" checkbox
  4. You must select a password that is PA-DSS compliant
    • Passwords must be at least seven characters
    • Password must contain alphanumeric
    • Passwords must be changed at least every 90 days (automatic reminder)
    • Passwords must not be the same as the last 4 used
    • Failure to login six times in a row will result in the account being locked out. Another administrator can unlock the account by going to the User Names and Passwords and changing the password.
  5. Close the form

Accepting Payments

  1. Receive Payment from the Ledger.  You will always select Credit Card for the Type of Payment.   Make sure the check box that says Use TDO Payment Services is checked so you can process your payment through Worldpay.  Click on the Close and Save button.
  2. The following dialog box will display.  Click OK and follow the instructions on your pin pad.
PIN Debit is not currently supported

Using the VeriFone Vx805

The VeriFone Vx805 will look like this.  If the card is not an EMV card then you will need to swipe the credit card on the right side of the Vx805. If the card is an EMV card then you will need to insert at the bottom until you hear a click.  Then follow the instructions on the pin pad.  If the patient is paying with Apple Pay place the IPhone above the pinpad as shown below.  If you accidentally swipe an EMV card, the pin pad will notify you that it is an EMV card and to insert the card instead.


Troubleshooting Tips

“Failed on Com Port Access” error.

1. Check if you can see the pin pad on the Device Manager.
2. If you can, unplug the pin pad wait 30 seconds and plug back in.
3. If you can’t see the pin pad on the device manager, reinstall the pin pad driver.

“Activex Ole Server” Error

Run SetupMercury.exe. If you do not have the SetupMercury.exe file, please contact TDO Support.

Merchant Id Error:

a. Go to Doctor Information->Doctor-Location Setup
b. Select the name of the doctor and click on Filter.
c. Double check the Merchant ID if it’s correct. TDO will always check if there’s an entry in the Doctor-Location Setup table first. If there is an entry in this table it uses that merchant ID.

Troubleshooting Tips on a Secondary Computer

"File does not exist: C:\Program Files\Datacap Systems\NETePay\DSIMercuryIP_Dial.exe" error.

1. On the Primary Computer Edit Control Table, make note of the EMV Server value then delete the value. Close Control table to save the change.

2. Open the Control table again go to Workstation Settings. Click on EMV Param Download.

3. Close Control table and open again. If the value in the EMV server is different from what you noted on step 1, you will need to have your IT to make their IP static on the Primary Computer.

4. Go to the secondary computer and run the EMV param download.

“Socket Error Trying to Connect Error 3006”

Check the Windows Firewall and make sure it is Disabled per the TDO Best Practices.

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