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Worldpay Non EMV Setup and Payment Processing Guide


This document is intended for offices that are not using EMV (chip card) payments through Worldpay. As of the publishing of this article, the majority of offices using Worldpay will be utilizing EMV payment systems and should follow the steps listed in this article. We have this article posted for offices that are still utilizing the old method of processing credit cards.


Detailed Steps

Network Configuration

A Merchant Number will be supplied by Worldpay, which must be entered into TDO. You’ll find this Merchant ID in the Merchant Setup letter from Worldpay. 


The Merchant Number in the letter will go to the ’Credit Card Pmt Merchant ID’ field on the Doctor’s information page (Edit Doctor Information).  



Figure 1


The server name on the letter will go in the ’MPS Main Server’ field in the Control Table.



Figure 1.1


User Configuration

Users need to have the ’Process Credit Card payments’ option enabled. In TDO Version 11, this information can be accessed at [Administrative > Add/Edit User Names and Passwords]. In TDO Version 12, this is found under [Setup > Site Configuration > Add/Edit User Names and Passwords]. Passwords for users who process credit card payments must: have a minimum length of seven characters, contain both letters and numbers, be changed every 90 days, and, when changed, not be the same as any of the four previously used passwords.


Workstation Configuration

  1. Run as Administrator: SetupMercury.exe, SetupMercury2011.exe, SetupMercury2012.exe, then reboot. If you don’t have these files in your TDOBuilds folder, contact TDO Support so that we can transfer them to you.
  2. Open the Control Table. In TDO Version 11 [Administrative > Edit Control Table], in TDO Version 12 [Setup > Site Configuration > Edit Control Table].
  3. Click on the Workstation Settings tab. 
  4. In the Pin Pad Settings group box, type Verifone1000SE in the Pin Pad Type field.
  5. Select the Connection Method.  Select Serial even if you have the USB to Serial Adapter.
  6. Leave the Com Port field blank.


Figure 2


Process Credit Card or Debit Payments

You are now ready to receive credit card or debit payments.

1.  In the main form, with a patient selected, click the [Ledger] button.  The ledger form will display.  Click on [Receive Payment] button.


Fig. 3

2. The Receive Payment Dialog box displays.  Data for the fields Date, Payment From, Doctor to Credit, and Date of Service to Credit will be automatically populated.  


Fig. 4

3. Populate the rest of the fields.  If the [Type of Payment] is Credit Card or Debit/ATM/E-Check and the [Doctor to credit] has a Merchant ID in their Doctor Information form, then a check box that says [Use TDO Payment Services] will display as shown below. Make sure to check this box.  Click on the [Close and Save] button.  


Figure 5


The following dialog box will display (Figure 6) if you selected the Credit Card as the payment type.  Figure 7 will display if you selected Debit.  Manual entry of the debit card is not allowed.  You can only swipe the card for debit card transactions.  Please note the transaction details will show the credit sale.  Swipe the credit card in the card reader  or enter in the credit card number manually.  If the credit card was swiped successfully the transaction will process.  If the credit card number is entered in manually, the operator will need to press the [Process] button to process the transaction.  The dialog box will close and a message box will inform the operator if the transaction was approved or declined.  If the operator presses the [Cancel] button, then the dialog box will close but the transaction will not be sent.   A message box will display that the user has canceled the transaction.


Fig. 6




Figure 7

Printing Receipts


When the transaction is approved, a receipt will be displayed.  The receipt can then be printed for the patient to sign and the office to keep for their record.  There are two places where the user can re-display or re-print the receipt. In the Ledger, the user can click on the Ref # of the credit card transaction and the receipt will be displayed.  The user can also go to the “Front Desk Menu” and select the “Credit Card Receipts” menu item.


Credit Card Refunds


Credit card transactions that were run through Worldpay cannot be voided in the TDO Ledger.  You will need to do a debit adjustment instead. On the ’Enter Debit Adjustment’ screen, there will be a checkbox to ’Issue Credit Card Refund’.  If the refund is processed on the same day as the payment, the charge will not show on the patient’s statement.  It’s as if the card was not charged at all.  In the receipt it will say "VoidSale" where as a refund after 24 hours  will say in the receipt "Return".