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Rectangle Health Setup


Listed below are the steps to setup the integration with Rectangle Health and TDO Software. 

TDO Minimum Version Requirement

This integration was implemented in TDO Version 12.238a. You must be running this version or higher in order to use this integration

Detailed Instructions

1. When you receive your credit card reader you should follow the install procedures. When finished the machine should have been setup on com port 3.

2. If you want to make sure which port you can go to Device Manager > Ports right click on the Ingenico device and choose Properties > Force COM port to see which port has been assigned.


3. Run TDO

4. Go to the Setup > Site Configuration > Edit Control Table


5. Go to the Workstation Settings tab

6. On the bottom left you will find the Credit Card Settings

7. Select Rectangle Health from the Credit Card Company combo box

8. Select USB as the Connection Method.

9. In the Com Port text box put in the com port the Ingenico device is connected to.



10. Now go to Setup > Site Configuration > Edit Doctor Information


11. About 2/3 down the page you will see Doctor-Location Setup


12. For each doctor and location, you can have a different Network Merchant account.

13. Select the doctor and location then insert your NMI Username/Password in the last two text boxes.


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