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Carestream 9600 CBCT Integration


The CS 9600 is the newest CBCT unit from Carestream Dental. Users of TDO 12.338 or newer can integrate their CS 9600 directly into TDO.


Detailed Steps

1. Open [Setup > Site Configuration > Device Configuration]

2. Fill in the information for the Device Configuration.  Leave the ’CSDAT’ field blank.  




3. Go to Acquire, and then click ’CBCT’, you should see the CS9600 window appear. 

4.  Once the main screen open, click on the horizontal lines, then select General Settings.
5. Select ’No’ for ’Display Quality Control for panoramic modality’, ’Display Quality Control for 3D modality’, and ’Display Quality Control for Facial Scan modality’.
6. Save these settings.
7. Reboot the CS9600.


8. Open Acquire and click on the ’CBCT’ button again. If you select “MAR” (Metallic Artefact Removal) mode in the CS 9600 unit you will have 2 volumes generated: one for the standard volume, and the other for the MAR volume. In Acquire you will see the 3D icon (see the example below). The viewer will open after reconstruction for the standard volume is complete.  It will take a few more minutes to complete the MAR reconstruction, but you can review the standard volume in the viewer while the MAR volume is reconstructing. Once the MAR volume is complete you can now use the MAR functionalities in your viewer.



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