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Referral Connection Network


The Referral Connection Network (RCN) will provide a list of GentleWave users and a tool to search for endodontic care by location. If an GentleWave user is also a TDO Software user, the RCN willl display available appointment time slots, allowing appointments to be scheduled online. Contact information for the endodontic office will also be displayed.


NOTE: TDO Cloud is required for the RCN functionality to work.

RCN Best Practices in TDO: Create both a referring doctor “GentleWave Referral” and add an operatory specifically to use for appointments referred via RCN.


Adjusting and configuring the options that will show on RCN

  • Login to your Web Wizard portal on your website. If you are unsure of how to access this address, please contact TDO Support.
  • Navigate to the GENTLEWAVE RCN tab. 
  • See the image below of what this page looks like.



Configure the options that Parameters that can be adjusted on this page:

  • Allow publishing schedule: Yes/No

  • Working days / hours.

  • GW Operatory: this is the operatory where appointments will be added in TDO

  • GW Default Appointment Type: What type of appointment will be added by default.

  • Default Referring Doctor: If there are multiple doctors at the practice, who is the default doctor in TDO to assign appointments to.

  • GW Appointment length in minutes

  • Notification Email list: Who should be notified of appointments made online.

  • There is also an Option to display contact phone and email. We suggest including this information.


Note: Make sure to configure the email addresses you’d like to be notified upon successful appointment submission via RCN.

 Additional Note: VPN Connection must be connected for this feature to work.


Utilizing the Referral Connection Network (For Referring Dentist)

Create an Account

Have your referring dentists create an account on GentleWave RCN site.

Finding A Provider

Search Zip Code

Select Provider with TDO Scheduling Available


View the Available Schedule and Create the Appointment

The user will be able to navigate the list of available appointments using the calendar month view as well as clicking on the arrow icons to view the prev/next day. After selecting an appointment time, the form to enter the patient’s information will be displayed and then the appointment will be scheduled.

  • The appointment details including the location, date, time, referring doctor, assigned TDO doctor and patient information will be passed on to TDO Software

  • If the TDO User’s VPN is connected, the appointment will be entered into the system

  • The appointment information will also be entered into the SonendoRCN database

    • If the vpn is not connected, then a flag will be set for the appointment entered into the SonEndoRCN database listing the appoint as needing to be synced to the TDO database once the VPN connection is reconnected

  • Notification emails will be sent to the TDO office, referring doctor and patient that the appointment has been made



Other Appointment Details:

  • If another patient with the same first name, last name and birthdate are found, the appointment will be linked to that patient and a note will be added to the email notifying the TDO office of this

    • If the patient has a referring doctor assigned, this field will not be altered

  • The default referring doctor, appointment length, operatory, location and appointment type will be set according to the RCN configuration page

  • A note will be added to TDO for the patient with all the details of the appointment



Resetting Your Password

If the password for an account is forgotten, it can be reset by entering the email for the account.

An email will be sent to the user with a link.

They will receive an email similar to the image shown below:

The link listed in the email will expire in 20 minutes.

After entering the password twice, it will be reset.



What happens if VPN is disconnected? Appointment is booked in database and the office will receive an email notification. The email will send a notification that the VPN was down when the appointment was created. When VPN reconnects, the appointment will be added to the TDO Calendar.

How realtime is the schedule? The schedule pulls data every minute. Our servers are in sync with that to add appointments to the TDO Calendar.

How to pause GW RCN referrals? Go to Admin > Enable GW Referrals and Disable

How to avoid Double Booking? Appointment availability is based upon Doctor’s availability, not by the operatory availability so there should not be an ability to double book a particular doctor.

How far ahead is schedule available? 90 Days