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Explanation of buttons on Draw Page


The draw page is commonly accessed from the “Image Organizer” by double-clicking on an image. It will open with the selected image loaded.

The form contains a right and left partition, only one of which can be active at a time. Each partition is activated by clicking once anywhere in the box. Double-clicking on either box brings back the Image Organizer.

The images you load can be from the patient’s chart, from any lecture category or from any location on any hard drive. 

Detailed Instructions:


Select Tool: Selects objects on the canvas so other tools may act upon them.

Pan Window: Moving the box in the ‘pan’ window shows that portion zoomed on the main image.   Useful for large images like an FMX.

Zoom Area: This tool allows you to zoom an area by drawing a bounding box around it. 

Spray Can: Draws a series of small dots that look like a spray-can effect.

Paint Bucket: Fills in any enclosed area with a solid color.

Ruler: Measures the number of pixels and converts to mm once calibrated.

Segmented Ruler: Measures the length in a series of connected lines. It’s useful for curved canals.

Oval: Draws circles and ovals. It can be configured to draw opaque or transparent figures.

Rectangle: Draws rectangles—either solid ones or filled ones that look like boxes. Good for a backdrop for text.

Text: Writes text. Font, size and style are all set through the default settings.

Gamma: Adjusts brightness, contrast, and gamma. Place the cursor in the center of the image, left-click and drag the cursor either North- South or East West. 

Hue and Saturation: Used to modify the color and saturation of images.   Place the cursor in the center of the image, left-click and drag the cursor either North-South or East-West.

Zoom: Zooms in on the image with the mouse. A left click and drag zooms in and out and right click and drag moves the image.

Crop: Crops the image using the mouse cursor.

Insert Clipboard Image: Inserts the clipboard image onto the draw page.

Insert from File: Same as insert clipboard image but you can choose a file from your computer.

Detail View: Allows you to click on an area of an image and see that individual area in greater detail.

Defaults Button: Brings up a form where the default settings for the draw page are stored and can be altered to fit your needs.

Save Drawing: The “Save Drawing” saves the annotated picture in the original folder and overwrites the original one.

Save As: Allows you to pick a new category as well as tooth or date as necessary and does not overwrite the original image.

Predefined Paragraphs

1. Click the Text button on the drawing toolbar.

2.  Select the paragraph you would like to enter from the Paragraph drop down box

3. Click on the image where you want to place the text and drag the text box to the desired size.

Predefined Images: Click on the drop down next to “drawing” and select the drawing you want; after selection the image will show on the draw page.

Whiteboard: Press the Whiteboard button and whatever pane is selected will turn white and be ready for a fresh drawing.

Tooth Models: The TDO Tooth Models section contains three teeth rotating in space with their corresponding radiographs. To access the Models, select the Treatment tab and click the Tooth button. 

Select the tooth number and push Play. Both the tooth and radiograph will start rotating. You can pause the rotation at any time by pressing pause and can change the speed of the rotation. 

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