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X-Ray Integrations, TWAIN and 3D Images setup in TDO

Imaging: Carestream (formerly Kodak): for X-Ray sensors and 3D images.  We provide several methods of taking x-rays through TDO with the RVG sensor. We also have an integration for both the CS9000 and CS8100 3D units.  Support:  877-624-6243 ... Read More

Optime Installation Guide

Optime Installation Launch InstrumentariumTWAINSetup.exe  which should already be saved in your mapped TDO Builds folder Select Next at the first prompt Select Finish once the install completes TDO Configuration There are two ways to configure the... Read More

Configuring Dexis in TDO

Overview Dexis can be launched through TDO using an automation process.   Detailed Instructions Open the Edit Control Table from the Administrative menu. Click the Workstation Settings tab Under Radiography Software, select Dexis For the... Read More

Important Change in XDR SDK Implementation (12.338f and higher)

Overview There has been a slight change in the way the XDR SDK Image Controls work in TDO 12.338f and higher. You can now choose, individually, whether to save your setting for each option.   Detailed Steps After taking an image in XDR, select this... Read More

GdPicture Tool for TWAIN devices

Overview In TDO version 12.228 and newer, there is an Access error when trying to take xrays with Schick sensors. Error can also occur when trying to scan documents in TDO. There is another tool called gdPicture that can be used to resolve issues... Read More

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