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Removing a Tooth

Select the tooth you wish to delete by clicking on it so that line is black and click the ‘Edit’ button.  This is the button directly under the ‘+’ to the left of the tooth box. You will see in the ‘Existing’... Read More

Treatment Timer

Overview A cumulative total is kept for treatment on all cases.  You may start and stop the timer as many times as you wish per visit and assign an assistant to each timer interval.  Detailed Instructions   Start the timer by clicking the &lsquo... Read More

Adding a tooth

Overview of adding a Tooth Before any images or treatment pages can be used for a case, the tooth needs to be added to the patient’s chart.  To add a tooth, click the + button on the top of the patient’s chart.  The rectangle on the... Read More

Medical Alert Popup

When you open a record for a patient checked in for an appointment that day, a yellow medical alert popup will show on your screen.   This popup will continue to show on each page within the chart until the Do not show this message again checkbox... Read More