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Patient Check In

Open Calendar Right click on the appointment and select “Check In.” Click the button next to “Mark patient as In.” Click OK on the time box (can change time here if necessary.) Appointment is highlighted in yellow on calendar. Ask for any... Read More

TDO Google Calendar Sync

Overview This article explains how to setup synchronization of your TDO Calendar with your Gmail account. The steps provided are for TDO version 12.355x and previous. If you are using a newer version of TDO, please follow the instructions listed... Read More

New Patient Appointment

Open Calendar Select day and operatory for appointment.  Click, hold and drag mouse to make appointment box. Right click, New Appointment. Appointment form will open with operatory, date and time filled in. Click Add New Patient Small or Large form... Read More

Making a Block Appointment

Select the needed date and drag to select the time. Right click and select “Block Schedule.” Enter the name for the block. Select an “In” or an “Out” block.  Colors for each are under “Program Setup,” “Appointment Setup.” Select... Read More

Searching for Open Time

1. From Calendar, Click Search Time button. 2. Select the amount of time needed. 3. Select the time interval, days of the week and needed Ops. 4. Click Search 5. Click New Appointment next to the desired time to make the appointment. Read More

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