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TDO eCommerce with Worldpay - Online Patient Payment Service and eCommerce Password Setup


Overview We are happy to announce a new feature in TDO that will allow patients to make online payments.   Offices can benefit from the growing popularity of online payments.  Payments made online will directly reflect in TDO in real time. ... Read More

Voiding a Transaction

Go to the patient’s Ledger page Click Void Transaction Click Void next to the transaction to be voided. Click Yes to confirm. Enter the reason. Click OK                                      Note:  You... Read More

Voiding a Transaction on Ledger

If you enter a transaction by mistake, or make a wrong entry you can void any transaction that has not been filed with insurance. To void a transaction, click the Void Transaction button.   Unable to Void Transaction?   Users logged in with ... Read More

Printing the Patient’s Ledger

Click “Ledger.” Click “Print Ledger.” Select the activity range from the drop down list. Enter beginning date and end dates if needed. Click “OK.” Click “File” and then “Print” to print the ledger. Read More

Entering a Ledger Note

You may enter notes you would like to show up on the patient’s ledger. Click the Ledger Note button to open the note form. Enter your note.  You may keep a list of your frequently used notes by clicking the + next to the drop down box to make... Read More

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