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 Version 12

TDO Version 12 Installation/Update

  NOTE: It has been brought to our attention that WIA drivers are not currently working with the ’Scan’ function in TDO Version 12 (as of 12.338). For more information, please see this page. Overview Included in this article is the... Read More

Important Change in XDR SDK Implementation (12.338f and higher)

Overview There has been a slight change in the way the XDR SDK Image Controls work in TDO 12.338f and higher. You can now choose, individually, whether to save your setting for each option.   Detailed Steps After taking an image in XDR, select this... Read More

TDO SMS Notification

Overview In order to enable the TDO SMS notification on any workstation, please follow the steps below: Note: This feature is implemented in 12.373g. Detailed Steps  Go to C:\Program Files (x86)\TDOffice\DotNet Run TDOSMSNotification... Read More

WorldPay P400 integration with TDO

Overview: Since WorldPay is phasing out the VX805 pin pads, the P400 offers a seamless integration with TDO without the need of using Topaz signature pad. This feature is available in TDO 12.379 or newer. This article details how to set up an office... Read More

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