Helping Referring Doctors Reset their Password


For TDO Web/Cloud Services users who utilize the referring doctor portal to allow referring doctors to refer patients, and view patient info & reports, it is important for referrers to have the ability to log in, change their password, and even reset it if necessary. This article will cover the steps necessary for a referring doctor to reset their password through the online portal.


Detailed Steps

1) Direct the referrer to your online referring doctor portal: [https://securesite[xxxx]] . Generally, a link to this portal can be found on your website, possibly on a ’Referring Doctors’ landing page. They will see a login form similar to this:



2) Instruct them to click ’Forgot your login information?’. This will open a page that will look like this:

3) They’ll need to enter the email address associated with their account, then click ’Submit’. They’ll then receive an email with instructions on how to reset their password. 

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