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TDO Version 11 Installation


Included in this article is the information that should be given to your IT Professional in order to setup and properly configure TDO for the first time.

Depending on your situation, you may be trying to install in two different fashions:

If you have multiple computers that will be using TDO, follow the steps listed below for TDO Server Installation and TDO Workstation Installation directions

If you have only one workstation that will be using TDO, follow the steps below for TDO Standalone directions.

Requirements - Prior to Installing

Prior to installing TDO, it is necessary to ensure that the Server is set up correctly:

Please follow the steps listed in How to install TDO on Windows Server x64 2008, 2008R2, and 2012 prior to installing TDO.

On the server drive where TDO is to be installed, create a TDO directory and both a TDO Builds and TDOfficeData subdirectory

Browse to TDO4Endo.com and login with the doctor’s credentials

On the Download page, download the following files to the TDO Builds directory

Required Files for TDO





SQL2008Express.exe or SQL2008ExpressX64.exe (depending on the server)

and also make sure to download the most recent TDO Professional Installer on the same page (usually labeled TDOProfessional11.3xx.exe)

Canadian users must also have the latest SetupCanada.exe file which can be downloaded on our website.

TDO Server installation

Additional Server requirements

  • Open port 4150 and 8739 for all traffic in Windows Firewall, and add exclusions for SqlServer.exe and SQLBrowser.exe (to find the path to these files, find the processes in Task Manager, right-click, open file location)
  • Ensure the server has a static IP address
  • RAID 5 are not recommended for SQL Server
  • Class C IP addresses should be used

From the TDO Builds folder, run the TDO Professional installer

When it gets to installation type, choose Server


Ensure that you point the Server Directory to the TDOfficeData folder you previously created

When you have ensured that you are pointing to the proper directory, click Next

Click Next and it should show that you are ready to install TDO. Click Next and TDO will begin installing as a Server. Follow all prompts that appear on screen.


During the Install, it will install the Microsoft Access Runtime. If you receive any errors related to the runtime at this point, please make sure there is a SetupRuntime.exe in your TDO Builds directory

It will also install SQL

Then it will install SetupDrugs.exe which should be saved in your TDO Builds directory.

And then it will run the TDO Server Optimizer

The installation will notify you when it completes.

After this has completed, re run the TDO installer this time as a workstation. 

Share out the TDO directory to Everyone with Full Read/Write Privileges making sure that the Patients.mdf file gets shared out to each workstation. If the file does not have proper sharing settings, workstations may be unable to see/access the file and the installation will not complete successfully.


In the event that during the server install there is trouble running the TDO Server Optimizer due to a dependency issue, one solution is to run the TDO installation on the server as a Standalone. 

If any issues arise with the installation of SQL during the server installation, you may view the log file to troubleshoot further. It is located at: 

C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\100\Setup Bootstrap\Log


TDO Workstation Installaion

Each workstation needs a network drive mapped to the TDO directory on the server. Best practices would be to keep the mapped drive letter consistent across all workstations.

Also please ensure that each workstation is a local admin.

Make sure that the workstation is set up using TDO Best Practices guide.


From the mapped TDO Builds folder, run the TDOProfessional11.3xx.exe installer and select workstation as the Installation type. 

Ensure that the Destination directory is pointing to either:

C:\Program Files\TDOffice or C:\Program Files (x86)\TDOffice 

Do not install TDO pointing to the root of the C Drive or any other location

For the Server Directory, using the drop down box choose the network drive mapped earlier and make sure it is pointing to the TDOfficeData directory

And once you have selected it. Click OK

Click Next and it will show you that TDO is Ready to Install. 

At various points throughout the installation it may prompt you to run different files, click yes to Agree

After installation has completed, call TDO to unlock each workstation for use.


If you are unable to find the server directory previously mapped, Disable User Account Controls and reboot the computer. Rerun the installer. 

If you receive a message that there is no database file found in that directory, verify that the Patients.mdf on Server has the proper permissions and Everyone has a full read/write access.

If you receive a message that TDO.mdw could not be opened, reboot the computer and rerun the installer

TDO Standalone Installation

Users install TDO as a Standalone typically when only one workstation will be using TDO. A Standalone installs TDO as both a server and a workstation at the same time on the same computer. 

Because this workstation will be functioning as a server, it is necessary to first create a TDO directory with a TDO Builds and TDOfficedata subdirectory. 

After you have done this, from the TDO Builds folder run the TDOProfessional11.3xx.exe installer and for installation type, choose Standalone.

Make sure the Local Destination path is in the correct location, and make sure the server directory is pointing to the proper data path. 

Follow the prompts seen on screen to finish installing.

Additional important steps

Ensure that a backup is configured

Complete the remaining task listed in TDO Best Practices

Verify that any peripheral devices are installed and configured accordingly.



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