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TDO Workstation Install (Version 11)

TDO Workstation Installaion

After the server update has finished, and you are looking to install TDO on the workstation. 

Make sure that the workstation is set up using TDO Best Practices guide.


From the mapped TDO Builds folder, run the TDOProfessional11.3xx.exe installer and select workstation as the Installation type. 

Ensure that the Destination directory is pointing to either:

C:\Program Files\TDOffice or C:\Program Files (x86)\TDOffice 

Do not install TDO pointing to the root of the C Drive or any other location

For the Server Directory, using the drop down box choose the network drive mapped earlier and make sure it is pointing to the TDOfficeData directory

And once you have selected it. Click OK

Click Next and it will show you that TDO is Ready to Install. 

At various points throughout the installation it may prompt you to run different files, click yes to Agree

After installation has completed, call TDO to unlock each workstation for use.


If you are unable to find the server directory previously mapped, Disable User Account Controls and reboot the computer. Rerun the installer. 

If you receive a message that there is no database file found in that directory, verify that the Patients.mdf on Server has the proper permissions and Everyone has a full read/write access.

If you receive a message that TDO.mdw could not be opened, reboot the computer and rerun the installer


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