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Detailed Instructions

1. Depending on the computer, navigate to the following location using Windows Explorer:


C:\Windows\System32 (if using 32-bit version of Windows)

C:\Windows\SysWOW64 (If using 64-bit version of Windows)


TDO v12 Users:

If you are using TDO Version 12, you must configure BOTH cliconfg (System32 and SysWOW64).

2. Once in the proper directory, find cliconfg.exe and double click to open. It should bring up the following user interface:


You MUST uncheck the ’Force protocol encryption’ checkbox or TDO will not launch.


 3. Click the Alias tab, and click Add...


4a. Ensure that Network Libraries is checked to use TCP/IP. 

4b. Server alias should follow the format "(server name)\tdosqlserver"

4c. Server name should have the static IP address of the server. If unsure how to find server IP address, Click Here.

4d. Uncheck Dynamically determine port and make sure Port number is "4150"



5. Click OK after settings are properly configured.

6. Click Apply and then OK



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