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How to integrate the GentleWave Console with TDO Software


This article will show you how to integrate GentleWave with TDO


Detailed Instructions


Please note this integration is only available in 12.275a or higher.


Server Setup

When a client first wants to setup Sonendo we have to start a service on their server.  In the TDOfficeData > TDO.ServerSvc folder right-click InstallServerSvc.bat and Run As Administrator. If running this file fails to install the service, start Command Prompt as Administrator, cd to the TDO.ServerSvc directory (cd  [TDOfficedata path]\TDO.ServerSvc) and run the command TDO.Utility.ServerSvc.exe /i

Note: The InstallServerSvc.bat file must be run on the local drive where TDO is installed on the server. It cannot be run from a mapped drive. 

Go to Control Panel > Admin > Services.  Check to see if TDO.ServerSvc is running.  If it is not, start it and make sure it’s set to automatic.


Machine Setup

Connect the GentleWave Console to Wi-Fi to allow the console to communicate with TDO. Under the Settings menu, select Network. The wireless network must be able to access the TDO server. It is recommended to avoid a guest network.


Enter the SSID (network name) and password, followed by Apply. Then press Back.



Integration Setup

Log in to TDO as admin. Go to Setup > Site Configuration > Edit Control Table, go to the Application Settings, and select Integrated Devices at the bottom of the page.

Note for Replicated Practices: If you have GentleWave units at multiple locations, the Integrated Devices list will show all locations’ GentleWave devices.



The Integrated Device List will show your devices. First, select the GentleWave Console from the Device Type drop down. The GentleWave Console name can be personalized under the Settings menu on the Console. The Serial Number is the serial number of the GentleWave Console displayed on the top left of the console. The serial number can also be found on the back of the unit and is the last 4 digits. The Enabled/Validated checkbox will be marked when the device is enabled (from the console screen).


On the console, go to the Settings menu, select TDO. Input the Server IP Address (which can be found in TDO by going to Help > About TDO/submit ticket and looking at the bottom line labeled Server IP Address) [Note: You may not be able to select the ’Server’ field in order to type the Server IP until you select ’Enabled’ below the ’Port’ field], and for port enter 8739, make sure the button below ’Port’ says Enabled, and select Apply and then Back. The console should now say "Connected to TDO" in the upper right corner.


To Test:

Go to the Main Menu > Start.  

In TDO pick a test patient that has a valid tooth assigned.  

Case Presentation > Pulpal Diagnosis should be filled in with a value but it is not necessary.

 Pulpal Diagnosis is what is used for this setting

"Prior RCT" = Retreatment
"Necrotic Pulp" or "Pulpless" = Necrotic
"Normal Pulp" or "Rev Acute Pulpitis" or "Chronic Pulpitis" or "Irrev Acute Pulpitis" = Vital
All else = Extended

On the Treatment tab:

At the bottom, click the GentleWave checkbox and select the Device name

Press Start

On the GentleWave console, click on Attach delivery hose (they need to actually attach it) then press Prime. They can use the test hose if they have one or they can connect it directly into the machine. This process will not use a Wand. The priming process can take up to 5 minutes.

Press the TDO icon on the Gentlewave console.

The Status in the Procedure Progress window in TDO should change from Pending to Processing, that means it is working.

Cancel out of the procedure.




Using TDO with the GentleWave Procedure

Once the doctor completes tooth testing and treatment plan selection, TDO is ready to communicate with the GentleWave Console. Automatic selection on the GentleWave Console is determined by the tooth and pulpal diagnosis that is made in TDO.

NOTE: Non-standard tooth numbers or using Quadrants are not recommended for GentleWave Procedures. If they are selected, the tooth type will NOT be automatically selected in the GentleWave Console and the user will have to manually select the procedure type.

After the treatment plan has been selected, at the bottom of the tab there is a GentleWave Procedure section. To enable the section, check the GentleWave Procedure box, select the Device Name that correlates to the GentleWave Console that will be used.

Select the Start button to open the GentleWave Procedure Progress window. This will show the information selected and the current status of the procedure. Selecting Cancel will allow you to cancel the procedure. Having this window does not restrict you from interacting with the main TDO application.

You can now click ’Start’ on the GentleWave interface to begin the procedure. The GentleWave Procedure Progress window’s ’Status’ should change from ’Pending’ to ’Processing’.

NOTE: If the user changes the patient or tooth selected, the GentleWave Procedure in TDO will automatically be aborted. This will only affect TDO as the GentleWave Console will continue to function independently from TDO. No information will be logged back to TDO.



TDO 12.285 - 12.320b

a. Pending - The GentleWave Console has not received any procedural information from TDO.
Select ‘Start’ on the Console to begin processing.

b. Processing - The GentleWave Console has received data from TDO and is processing.


TDO 12.338+ 

a. Waiting to Connect - TDO is waiting for first contact from the GentleWave console. Click ’Start’ on the GentleWave console to begin selecting a procedure.

b. Connected to Device - TDO is processing input from the GentleWave console, but the procedure has not begun yet.

c. Working - The priming process has completed and the GentleWave procedure has begun. TDO is logging procedure information form the GentleWave console.



When the GentleWave Procedure has completed or is aborted, the progress window will automatically update and close on the TDO Treatment page.

The status will show the result of the GentleWave Procedure.
a. Completed as suggested - The procedure was completed without any changes.
b. Completed with changes - The procedure was completed with changes.
c. Incomplete - The procedure was not completed, there were complications, or the user aborted the procedure from the Console.
d. User Aborted - The user aborted the procedure through TDO or on the Console before activation or system priming.


Log Report

The Log Report provides all the GentleWave Procedure information for the treated tooth.

Tag ID - Unique ID for the GentleWave Console
Lot Number - Lot number of the Procedure Instrument used
Start Time - Start time of GentleWave Procedure
End Time - End time of GentleWave Procedure
Tooth - Tooth number (or quadrant) selected
Procedure Instrument Suggested - Procedure instrument suggested based on tooth selected. This isdetermined by the tooth selected under the Treatment Plan in TDO.
Procedure Instrument Used - Procedure Instrument used for the GentleWave Procedure
Procedure Suggested - Pulpal Diagnosis selected under the Treatment Plan in TDO
Procedure Used - Based on the Procedure selected (or changed) on the GentleWave Console.


1. Event Time - Time of the event
2. Event - Description of a change, procedure (phase), or error
3. Phase - Phase of the GentleWave Procedure
4. Time Suggested - Depending on the Procedure type selected, suggested time for the phase of the procedure fluids to complete
5. Time Completed - Actual phase time completed

NOTE: When ‘Time Completed’ does not match the ‘Time Suggested’, the row will be highlighted in yellow.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the requirements for TDO integration with my GentleWave Console?
A: You must have TDO version 12.261 or later and the GentleWave software version [] or later. You must
have a Wi-Fi network that is connected to your existing office network. Your GentleWave console must
be connected to your Wi-Fi.

Q: My GentleWave Console is not connected to TDO. How do I fix this?
A: You must check the connectivity between TDO and the GentleWave Console. A few important items to
troubleshoot the connectivity:

  • Your Wi-Fi router neeeds a strong enough signal to reach the GentleWave Console location
  • Confirm ports 4150 and 8739 are open to all traffic in the firewall(s) on your TDO server
  • Confirm the GentleWave Console Settings has the correct TDO Server IP/Hostname and port number
  • Confirm your GentleWave Console Wi-Fi network setting is correct.

Q: I need to change my Wi-Fi router. How do I configure my new router settings for the integration?
A: If you are replacing your Wi-Fi router but will keep the same SSID and password, no change is needed
to be made in TDO or the GentleWave Console. If you are using a different SSID and password, your
settings on the GentleWave Console must be updated. Go to the GentleWave Console’s Main Menu,
Settings, Network. Enter the new router SSID and password. No changes need to be made in TDO.

Q: I interrupted the GentleWave Procedure. Is it possible to start another GentleWave Procedure
on the same tooth?
A: Yes. While TDO is enabled on the GentleWave console, all procedures are recorded in TDO. You will
be able to access the history of procedures under ‘Log’. TDO will use the last procedure result as the
final status for the treated tooth.

Additional Information

The GentleWave keyboard

 Backspace Button


 Enter Button


 Keyboard Close



If a user is experiencing issues with setting up or using their Gentle Wave, please do not tell them to call Sonendo.  Use the following info to contact Sonendo on behalf of the doctor.






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