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New Collage Feature

New Collage Feature



This new feature was implemented to improve the way doctors create case studies and slides for presentations, showing a history of a case or cases.  This allows the clinician to organize their presentation with side by side or time progression pictures of X-Rays or procedural capture.  


The new collage is implemented in TDO v12.275a.


Detailed Steps

  • Open Organizer

  • Select one or more images by using the CTRL key on the keyboard


  • Click on the “Publish” (white) envelope icon

Click on the arrow button to show the Publish option in case a different icon is shown.


  • TDO Publisher window will open.

The new collage feature consists of 3 main areas:


  1. Collages tab:

The Collage tab will display past collages that were saved or published. Use the “Filter” button to find collages saved/published on a specific date range.


Date Range: This feature will allow users to find collages saved/published on any date range specified.

Sort By Date: The images will be listed in an ascending or descending order.

Description: TDO will list all the collage pages that contains a one or more words in this field. It could also be a patient’s first name or last name. Note: The Description field will filter the collage pages based on the Collage Name.

Fetch: This feature will allow users to list their top 10, top 20, top 50 or All collages created on a date range specified.

To open on bring a collage previously created on the screen simple double click on the collage (under Collages tab) and TDO will bring the images up on the screen.

  1. Canvas, or collage editor:

This area is where users will go to edit their collage. This area will also show the Collage Name and the Patient Name.


Collage Menu:

Set Background: it will allow users to choose from a variety of colors the background to their collage. Users can choose whether a solid or gradient background is best for their collage.

SizeUsers can use 1024x768, 1080x1080, 1080x1350, 1600x900 or HD (1920x1024) for the size of their images.

Label Defaults: Users can set the label defaults to be a specific font type, font size and font color.

Snap to Grid: Will give users more control when they are positioning the image boxes around the page.

Use Borders: users can apply borders to the images. Note: to apply default borders please right click on an image then click on Change Image Border.

Clear: Click on Clear to remove any images that display on the canvas.


Add Image menu: Click on Add image to import any image save on the computer or an external drive.

Add Text menu:

Show Labels: Click on ‘Show Labels’ if you want the image to show the image category and the date the image was saved in TDO.

Remove Labels: Click on ‘Remove labels’ if you don’t want any image category and date to show on the images.

Free RTF Text: Use ‘Free RTF text’ to make the collage more informative. Users can adjust the font type, font size, font color as well as add bullets.


  • In some cases, when the font color is white, it is strongly suggested to change the background color of the text box by clicking the  located on the lower left corner of the RTF window.
  • Select the background color.


  • Click OK.
  • The Edit Text will have a new background color.


  • User may start adding text.


Note: to edit, delete the text just right click on the text box added and select ‘Edit Text’.

Apply Template menu: Users can select from a variety of templates to improve the look of their collages. Users can select from having one image per page (Full template) or multiple images per page.

Note: When applying templates to the collage, users can select whether to apply the template to the rest of the images or to apply template to current page only.


“Add” button: This button will allow users to add more pages to a collage so more images can be brought from Organizer.

  1. Publish tab

This is where users will go to actually email out their collage as well as to post their cases in TDO Clinical, TDO University and on Facebook.

Email From: This field will allow users to select the Email address to use to send the collage. Click here for more information on how to configure multiple SMTP accounts in your TDO software.

“Email To” field:

“Email To” option: Users will be able to email the collage using the TO, CC and BCC fields. Simply check the ‘Email To’ box and the Configure Recipients window will open. This feature works the same way as in Letters Module.

‘Current’, ‘Doctors’, ‘Referring’, ‘General’, ‘Patients’, ‘TDO Phoneboox’ tabs will be available listing emails for

* Current: will list the email addresses of the currently selected patient as well as patient’s Referring/General doctors (if any)

* Doctors: will list the email addresses of the providers

* Referring: will list the email addresses  of all Referring Doctors added in the system

* General: will list the email addresses of all General Dentists added in the system

* Patients: will list the email addresses of all patients added in the system

* TDO Phonebook: will list the email of people and businesses in office area.

               *  More addresses field also available

NOTE: Users can also double-click on the TO, CC, or BCC to open the "Configure Recipients" window.

TDO Clinical: Check this box to post the collage in to TDO Clinical Chat. Note: Make sure the email used to post and receive emailed from TDO chat is configured in TDO, please click here for more information.

TDO University: Check this box to post the collage in TDO University. Note: It is required to be registered in TDO University to post cases. To post cases in TDO University thru TDO, your email address associated with your TDO University account has to be configured in TDO, click here for more information.

Embed Images: Check this box to have the images to show in the body’s email instead of attached.

Attachments (0) button: Click on Attachment button to add any image saved on your computer or external drive. The number in parenthesis indicate the number of images attached.

Facebook: Check this box if you wish to post your case on Facebook. Note: Due to recent changes in Terms and Conditions on Facebook, this feature may not work.

“Library/Lectures” buttons: Choose between to save the current collage you are working on to a specific Library or Lecture folder or both in TDO.

Subject field: Type in a subject for the collage you are currently working on so it can show in the recipient’s email and on TDO Clinical Chat and on TDO University.

Message box: Type in any message to share with your Referring Doctor, patient or simply give more information on the case you worked on.

Attachments: (Current Collages): This area is designed to allow users to add pages from previous collages. Simply check the box on previous collages you worked on under “Collages” tab and the screenshot will show under “Attachments: (Current Collage)”. Note: To remove any collages attached users may click on the gray ‘x’ button .

Copy File Path: This feature works the same way as the Copy File Path in Organizer.

Full Screen: Click on “Full Screen” to expand the Canvas area. Click on “Restore Screen” to go back.

Save/Publish: Click on this button to email or post your collage.