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Data conversion in TDO

In order to provide the smoothest transition to TDO and minimize issues, we do not support or perform any data conversion from existing software(s).

Data conversion is a time-consuming process that can potentially┬áleave your database cluttered with sparse and incomplete information. Naturally, a software provider does not want other software firms to take their clients, so they have put security measures in place to prevent us from accessing this data.Even if we could bypass their security, the software’s architecture and TDO’s are not compatible. It is like trying to use Chevy parts on a Mercedes. The fields and structure do not match up. So, we are unable to perform data conversion.

In a General Dental Practice this would be more of an issue since patients return time and time again to the practice. In a specialty practice, like endodontics, there are far fewer "frequent flyers". However, if you get a recall patient, or someone needing treatment on another tooth for example, what makes the process feasible is our online registration through TDO Cloud. When they call for an appointment, simply ask: "Mrs. Smith, it has been some time since we have seen you. Would you mind going online and updating your information? I can email your password and ID now. What is your email address?" So it is the patient who is doing the data entry, not your staff, and you get up to date medical history, prescriptions and demographics information that streams in real-time into your TDO.

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