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Letters - Patient Statement - customizable template

Overview: Support Materials has a downloadable Word Document that will pull the same information as the internal Print Patient Statement in TDO.


Using your Dr’s User login, Log into

Select Support Materials

Letter Module Financial Templates

Patient Financial Statement- will run for lifetime of the patient

Patient Financial Statement Date Range- will allow you to specify which date range will show

Select which letter you would like to use, and download the letter

You may need to enable editing in order to Save the Document.

Open your Letters Module in TDO

You may be prompted with a message that Microsoft Word is already running it will need to close the other instance or Word to open Letters

Select Template in letters

Open your Saved word Document either:

Patient Financial Statement

Patient Financial Statement Date Range

Copy the entire Document (ctrl – A, then ctrl-C) and Paste (ctrl-V) into Letters Template.

Select “Save As”

Name the New template

You can now open the template as its own letter to print or email to patients


Making Letter Statement the default path


Open the Edit Control Table

Application Settings > Letters Module Properties> Reports

In the same row as Patients Statements in the “Letters” Column find your recently made Patient Statement Letter.

Make sure the bubble is clicked for Letter

With this Option when you Click on Print Statement in the Ledger, Letter will open you newly made Letter’s Template.