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Sending Mass Emails Without Using Batch Letters

Note 3/16/2020:

Due to the spread of COVID-19 we have received many requests for help with distributing information to referrers and patients via email. Because Batch Letters can sometimes take a long time to generate and is not designed to send hundreds or thousands of messages at a time, we are providing these instructions for how to send mass emails without using Batch Letters.

Detailed Steps:


  1. Export recipient list(s). 

  • To export Referring Doctors’ email addresses, use these instructions. You will need Microsoft Excel for this.

  • To export Patients’ email addresses, you can use the Patient List Cloud Report (if you don’t have TDO Cloud Services, please contact TDO Support).


  • Review the Email column, make sure that all cells contain valid email addresses and try to remove any duplicates.
  1. Write the content of the email using your email client’s “Compose” window. Make sure you put something in the Subject line, or your message may be flagged as spam.

  2. Copy the column(s) of your spreadsheet(s) that contain the desired email addresses, then paste this into the BCC section of your email’s recipients. If you put the recipients in the ’To’ or ’CC’ sections they will all see each other’s names and email addresses and you will be embarrassed.

  3. Put your own email address in the To section of the recipients.

  4. Review your email’s content and recipients and Send when ready.



Your email host may have limits on the number of messages you can send and/or unique recipients that you can send to per day. Users of GSuite email accounts are limited to 2,000 unique external recipients per day, and 500 unique external recipients per message.


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