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How to use the Infograbber


If you are registered for the TDO  Web/Cloud Services, you can use an IPad for the web based Infograbber version. If you do not subscribe to this service, a Windows based laptop, desktop, or tablet that can install Windows applications will work for Infograbber Patient registration.

Detailed Instruction

Infograbber is included on all computers that have TDO installed . You can find it by opening the Start menu, browsing to All Programs, The Digital Office and then selecting Infograbber. The login used it the same username and password used to log in to TDO.

After that, a list of patients comes up, just select the patient you want to register. Select which modules you want them to complete (ex. If they are coming back for a recall, you may just want the medical history updated, so uncheck the other modules). Then select the Consent Forms you want them to sign.


And after clicking Ok, hand over the tablet to the patient.

Adding Prescriptions:


Pain History:

Consent Forms:

The Digital Signature which will link to all selected modules and forms


Infograbber will thank the patient upon completion and then closes down:

When you close Infograbber, you will see this message, but unless your wireless connection is down, or a firewall is on, the data will automatically save into TDO, so just click Yes:

TDO sends an Internal Email alerting the office that the patient has completed their Infograbber registration:

Click on the Email notification:

It is time to go to the waiting room and seat your patient.


  Note: The Infograbber can display in several languages, which can be selected in the patient’s record in TDO prior to logging into the Infograbber. See Image below


You can add as many consent forms to TDO as you wish. TDO does not automatically translate the consent forms into other languages, since these forms are unique to each office. We do have Spanish forms here for you, if you wish to use ours on our Support Materials page

This is an example of the Spanish registration page:

And the Spanish Consent for RCT: