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The purpose of this feature is to be able to deploy new reports that are specific to doctors and their practice needs quicker and in formats that better serve their needs.  The user will be able to login and select criteria for their reports in an easy to use fashion. Excel spreadsheet is the primary format for all of these reports. Another purpose of this feature is that we can deploy new reports without having to redeploy TDOffice.


This feature is implemented in V12.292b and above.



This will be available for users with TDO Cloud services. 


Detailed Steps

Report is located in: Main>Reporting Tools>Open Cloud Reports



TDO Cloud Reports will open.


 Cloud Reports can also be accessed via the Admin Login portal of your TDO site. See this article for instructions.



Aging Analysis

This is similar to the Aging Analysis function found in TDO: [Reporting Tools > Financial > Aging Analysis]. No parameters need to be specified when generating this report, the spreadsheet generated will have a row for every patient who has a balance. There will be separate columns for: [Balance] Currently Due, 30 Days Due, 60 Days Due, and 90 Days Due, etc.

Busiest Day

This report will allow the users to find out which days of any given date range is typically the busiest. To Generate the report:

  • Click on “Busiest Day”

  • Enter in the Date range

  • The Report will open



Case Disposition List

This report lists cases whose Initial dates are within a specified range.

There are columns indicating Case Status, Number of Visits, Fee Total, Tooth Type, Case Type, and whether or not the GentleWave Procedure was marked in the Treatment page for that case.


Case Summary

This report will list all the procedures performed by providers on any given date range specified. The report will show the procedure codes, description, Doctor ID (ID 0 is for practice), number of procedures and total production.

  • Click on Case Summary

  • Enter the date range



  • Click on Generate Report

  • Report will open



Collection by Codes

This report consist of two sheets, Codes by Doctor and Code Totals. Codes by Doctor breaks has a row for each column, separated by Treating Doctor and Location. Code Totals combines each doctor’s production and collection for each code into a single row (one row per code). Each sheet has columns for the Posted Amount and Collected Amount for each code.


Monthly Snapshot

This report is broken down by the two tabs at the bottom - one looking from a location perspective and the other from the doctor perspective.

This report is good to compare current month and current year to date with previous year’s month and previous year’s year to date.

  • Enter the parameters

Report Month: enter the month in numbers. For example: 1 or 01 for January, 2 or 02 for February and so on.

Report Year: type in the year


  • Click on "Generate Report”

  • The report will open in Excel

The first tab will show the date Range for Comparison

The second tab will show (order is by Doctor and by Location):

Total Production (in $ amount)

Total Collection (in $ amount)

Total Cash in (in $ amount)

Total Credit Card (in $ amount)

Total Checks in (in $ amount)

Total Insurance (in $ amount)

Days worked (in units)

Number of RCTs (in units)

Number of Implants (in units)




Snapshot with Other Breakdown 

This report will show all the other types of payments broken down so users know the amount collected from other payments on a given date range.

This report has four different tabs:

  1. Gross Production tab: will show the Total Production, Adjusted Production, Total Billed MTD, Total Billed Last Year MTD, Total Billed YTD, and Debit Adjustments, by Doctor by Location; just like in the Snapshot report in TDO.
  2. Collection tab: will show the Collections the same way as in the Snapshot Report in TDO: Total Cash, Total Checks, Total Credit Card, etc. by Doctor by Location.
  3. Other Payment Breakdown tab: will show the payments collected from other types of payments such as Electronic Payments or any other custom type of payments; by Doctor by location.
  4. Practice Details: will show shows some great information including number of new referrals, cases started, cases completed, number of emergencies, treatment time and waiting time, by Doctor by location

Click on Snapshot with Other Breakdown

Enter the date range

Click on Generate Report

Report will open


Completed Cases by Completed Date Range

This report allows you to analyze how the ’Treatment Sessions’ count affects your production for a case.

To open this report:

1. Open TDO

2. On the Main tab, click Reporting Tools > Open Cloud Reports

3. Click ’Completed Cases by Completed Date Range’

4. Select your date range.

5. Click ’Generate Report’

6. Download the resulting Excel spreadsheet



Patients Seen by Location and Doctor

This report allows users to see all patients seen by location and doctor.

Enter in the date range


  • Click on Generate Report


Sonendo Patient List

This report will list all patients that the doctor has in their system.  This is used by the partner company that Sonendo is using for marketing.




Referring Doctors

 All Referring Doctor List

This report will allow users to create mail merge for your referring practices with ease! Simply:

  • Click on “All Referring Doctor List”

  • The Report will open


Referrer Annual Report

The referral ranking report is the perfect place to see how many patients were seen for Consult and Treatment on a yearly basis.

  • Enter the Parameters:

Report Year: Enter in the year the report needs to be generated in.


  • Click on Generate Report


Referrer Annual Revenue Report

 Available in 12.331 or newer. This report will show revenues by referring doctor broken down by month for a calendar year.  Annual revenues for previous 3 years are also shown for comparison. The report can be viewed by practice as well as by location.

  • Click on Referred Annual Revenue Report

  • Enter the parameters


  • Click on Generate Report

Referrer Revenue Alerts

Available in 12.331 or newer. This report will show revenues by referring doctor. This report will show the total revenue for the year specified as well as the average.

Above Minimum: Last 12 month total from the date back

Lapsing Minimum: Lists referring doctors that had not had revenue for the last two months, yet met a minimum revenue requirement.

Upswing minimum: Lists the referring doctors that have had revenue the month selected and are under the minimum revenue requirement.

The report shows the revenue month-by-month for the last 12 months. For instance

The report can be viewed by practice as well as by location


  • Click on “Referrer Revenue Alerts

  • Enter parameters:

Reports Year

Reports Month: enter the month (in number) to start the review

Revenue Minimum: Enter the minimum amount to review

  • Click on Generate Report


Referring Doctor List by Created Date

This report will allow users to have a list of all referring doctors added in the system on a given date range. This reports will be useful for mail merges. This report has two lists: Referring Doctor List in one of the tabs and the Referring Doctor Email List.

  • Click on “Referring Doctor List by Created Date”

  • Enter the parameters


  • Click on “Generate Report”

Referring Doctor Total Patients and Total Billed


The referral ranking report is the perfect place to see any tooth added to a record from a specific date range grouped by referring doctor and total production for those patients / teeth.


  • Enter date range


  • Click on Generate Report




Referring Dr. Rank by Total Billed

The referral ranking report is the perfect place to see a list of how your referring doctors rank based on Total Billed.

  • Enter in the Start and End Dates


  • Click on Generate Report




This report is similar to Monthly Snapshot with the difference that users can generate the report for any date range specified. This report can be generated for a quarter, 2 weeks, 6 months, a year, etc.

This report will show Production, Total Collection, Total Cash, Total Credit Card, Total Checks, Total Insurance, Days Worked, Number of RCTs, and Number of Implants.

  • Click on the “Snapshot”

  • Enter the parameters



  • Click on Generate Report

  • The report will open in Excel




  • Icon PDFExport to PDF
  • Icon MS-WordExport to MS Word
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