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The purpose of this feature is to be able to deploy new reports that are specific to doctors and their practice needs quicker and in formats that better serve their needs.  The user will be able to login and select criteria for their reports in an easy to use fashion.  Excel spreadsheet is the primary format for all of these reports. Another purpose of this feature is that we can deploy new reports without having to redeploy TDOffice.



This feature is implemented in 12.292b.



This will be available for users with TDO Web or Cloud services.


Detailed Steps

Report is located in: Main>Reporting Tools>Open Web Reports



TDO Cloud Reports will open


Monthly Snapshot

This report is broken down by the two tabs at the bottom - one looking from a location perspective and the other from the doctor perspective.

This report is good to compare current month and current year to date with previous year’s month and previous year’s year to date.

  • Enter the parameters

Report Month: enter the month in numbers. For example: 1 or 01 for January, 2 or 02 for February and so on.

Report Year: type in the year


  • Click on ‘Generate Report”

  • The report will open in Excel

The first tab will show the date Range for Comparison

The second tab will show (order is by Doctor and by Location):

Total Production (in $ amount)

Total Collection (in $ amount)

Total Cash in (in $ amount)

Total Credit Card (in $ amount)

Total Checks in (in $ amount)

Total Insurance (in $ amount)

Days worked (in units)

Number of RCTs (in units)

Number of Implants (in units)


Referrer Annual Report

The referral ranking report is the perfect place to see how many patients were seen for Consult and Treatment on a yearly basis.

  • Enter the Parameters:

Report Year: Enter in the year the report needs to be generated in.


  • Click on Generate Report


Sonendo Patient List:

This report will list all patients that the doctor has in their system.  This is used by the partner company that Sonendo is using for marketing. 


Referring Dr. Rank by Total Billed

The referral ranking report is the perfect place to see a list of how your referring doctors rank based on Total Billed.

  • Enter in the Start and End Dates


  • Click on Generate Report


Patients Seen by Location and Doctor

This report allows users to see all patients seen by location and doctor.

Enter in the date range


  • Click on Generate Report


Referring Doctor Total Patients and Total Billed


The referral ranking report is the perfect place to see any tooth added to a record from a specific date range grouped by referring doctor and total production for those patients / teeth.


  • Enter date range


  • Click on Generate Report


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