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Common acronyms in TDO

Common acronyms in TDO

On the Patient Tab

DNETA: Do Not Ever Treat Again

  • This is used for patients that the Doctor does not want to be scheduled.  When you check DNETA it turns the patient’s chart a different color.  If you try to schedule the patient, there is a pop up warning message informing that this patient is a DNETA.



On the Ledger Tab

HB: Hard ball

  • Used for a patient who is difficult to collect payment from.

SB: Soft ball

  • Used for a patient who is easy to collect payment from. 


On the Notes to Front Tab

  • Can also mark DNETA/HB/SB


Upper left tool bar


  • T1: Super nice friendly patient
  • T2: Average patient
  • T3: Not friendly, mean patient
  • Click "Menu" then "Clear T-rating" to clear it.


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