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Designing a New Letter Template

  1. Click the Letters tab on the patient’s screen
  2. Click Template then click New 
  3. If you wish to base your new letter template on an existing template, select the Template in the drop down box and click the Save As button
  4. Type a name for the new template
  5. Create your template and format on right screen
  6. Choose a token from selections on left screen
  7. Position cursor in document where the token should go
  8. Click Insert at Cursor menu
  9. Test the information by clicking Test
  10. Click Test Reset
  11. Insert as many tokens as you wish making sure to enter correct spacing before and after the token
  12. Test your letter as often as you would like
  13. Print your letter if you wish to check the final copy by choosing print from the file
  14. Save your letter by clicking Save (this does not save to the patient’s record)