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Upgrading to SQL 2008 Express


Following are the steps to upgrade to SQL version on your Server. 

Detailed Instructions

Before You Begin - Requires TDO Backup

Prior to beginning it is REQUIRED that a backup be made of the TDO Server Data. This backup has to be run using the TDO Backup utility. No exceptions. Please make sure the backup completes without errors. If it completes with errors, please resolve that issue first as it will be necessary to use this backup in the process of upgrading SQL. If this is not done correctly, you will very likely lose data.

-Login to tdo4endo.com and in the Download TDO area, download the SQL2008Express.exe or the SQL2008Expressx64.exe installer and save it to your TDO Builds directory. (Please remove or archive any old installers for SQL from this folder)

-Ensure no one is using TDO and that TDO has been closed on all computers.

-Stop TDO Cloud Service (if using TDO Cloud Service).

-Stop TDOSQLSERVER process in Administrative > Services.

-Uninstall old version of SQL Server (likely MSDE or SQL Server 2005 Express).

-Open Windows Explorer to your TDOfficeData directory and clear out all files in the root of that directory leaving all folders intact.

-Run TDOProfessional installer selecting server as the installation type. This will install the newer version of SQL Server providing it is in the TDO Builds directory as previously directed.

-Upon completion, open TDO to verify the installation was successful. (The database will be blank).

-Close TDO.

-Launch the TDO Backup utility and ensure the backup path points to the directory containing the server data backup that was run.

-Ensuring that only Server Data is checked, click the Restore button.

-Follow any on screen prompts

-Check that the Restore completed without errors.

-Restart the TDO Cloud Service

-Launch TDO to verify that the SQL upgrade has completed successfully.

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