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XDR Integration for Windows Version 2004 and 20H2


There have been issues withThere is a patch needs to be applied on both Windows version 2004 and version 20H2.  

Detailed Instructions

  • Login to the
  • After logging in, select Download TDO from the left hand navigation
  • Locate the section titled XDR
    • XDRPatch.exe
  • Download XDRPatch.exe and make sure to save it to your TDO Builds directory so that it will be accessible for all computers in your office.
  • Run the patch on Workstations using the XDR device and Windows versions 2004 and version 20H2.
  • You may need to authorize the download depending on your computers settings. 
  • Close out of TDO completely
  • Run the XDRPatch.exe
  • Program will run and complete quickly and that will resolve the issue on the computer. These steps will need to be followed on any computer using XDR sensors. 


If your office has multiple operatories that use XDR, copy the XDRPatch.exe that was downloaded to your TDOBuilds and run it from each workstation's mapped drive of the TDO Builds Folder on the server.