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Version 12: XDR Installation

XDR Installation

Note: the following are the instructions for Version 12. Version 11 uses a TWAIN driver.

Note: You will need to contact XDR support in order to obtain Calibration Files for your sensor.

XDR – TDO 12.205 and Higher

For offices using XDR and are either upgrading to or installing a new TDO 12.205 installation and higher, please install VS C++ Redist 2015


Install the XDR Sensor Driver

1. Double-click the XDR_CMOS_Driver_Installer_2.1.0.0_2015-07-07.exe located in your “\TDO Builds\XDR Install” folder and follow the screen prompts.

2. Go to the Windows Control Panel > Device Manager and verify that you can see the XDR sensor.  You can find it under Universal Serial Bus Controllers

Install vcredist_x86.exe

1. Double-click vcredist_x86.exe located in your “\TDO Builds\XDR Install” folder and follow the screen prompts.

2.  For versions 12.196o and higher you would also need to install vcredist_x86_2015.exe

Open TDO to Configure XDR Radiograph

1. Go to Administrative > Edit Control Table and select the Workstation Settings Tab.

2. In the Radiography Software dropdown, select XDR.  Leave the Radiography Path/Source blank.

3. Click on Close.

XDR Calibration File

XDR sensors requires a calibration file. XDR should provide a calibration file per sensor. If you did not receive a calibration file with the sensor, you will need to request the calibration file from XDR. The file should go in "\ProgramData\XDR" folder. If the "XDR" folder does not exist please create the folder.

You are now ready to take radiographs. Please follow the link bellow to see a short video tutorial that Dr. Carr created on how to take radiographs with XDR sensor.


You are now ready to take radiographs.


Issue:  XDR UI does not display after clicking on the Xray button in Acquire

Solution: This can occur after a user adjusts the computers Display Setting Text from 100% to 150% or vice versa. To resolve this issue, edit the “xdrclientsettings.xml” located in C:\ProgramData\XDR\ .  Change the value for xLocation and yLocation to 25 and save.


XDR Support

If you are experiencing issues with image quality or with your sensor itself, you may need to contact XDR Support(888) 937-9729

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