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Optime Installation Guide

Optime Installation


  • Launch InstrumentariumTWAINSetup.exe  which should already be saved in your mapped TDO Builds folder
  • Select Next at the first prompt
  • Select Finish once the install completes


TDO Configuration

There are two ways to configure the Optime with TDO, either through Scan or through X-ray. It will all depend on the office. For example, if they use other x-ray equipment, like RVG sensors, you will have to configure it through Scan, which will display all TWAIN devices on that workstation.


With Scan:

If acquiring through scan all you need to do is launch Acquire in TDO, select Scan, and then choose Instrumentarium Soredex TWAIN 5.1 from the source list.


With X-ray:

Go to Administrative > Edit Control Table > Workstation Settings

Under Radiography choose Twain

Under Radiography Path/Source click the […] to the right and chose Instrumentarium Soredex TWAIN 5.1

Select the Default radio button.

Note: As of Version 12.339a, the Default button must be selected for the TWAIN to work properly. If you are using an older version of TDO, this option will not be available and will look like the image below. 


TWAIN Configuration


Now we have to configure the TWAIN interface to work with the Optime.

Open up with TWAIN user interface in TDO by clicking scan or x-ray, it should look like this:


  1. Click on Options:


  1. Click on Supported Hardware:


  1. Make sure Enable Optime hardware is check marked:


  1. Click on Optime:


  1. Scroll to the bottom and select Hardware Setup:


  1. Click on the Settings tab and select IP Based then check mark Enable changing IP Addess.


6a.  If this is the first time configuring the device you will have to assign it an IP address, if not skip to 6b. You will have to ask the IT for an available IP on the network. Once you get this enter the IP in the blank field. Have someone hold the button to the right of the power button down on the scanner. Once it is held down, click “Send to scanner…”. Continue to have them holding down this button until they hear a beep and the door opens on the unit.

6b. If you already have an IP enter it in the blank field below. You can find this by navigating to the same setting on another computer that has the Optime working. Once you have the IP just click OK. DO NOT CLICK SEND TO SCANNER

  1. Click on Instrumentarium Dental and Soredex TWAIN Options:



7a. Have the doctor configure it to his/her liking. This is how it it typically configured:


  1. Click ok once everything is configured.

Acquiring an Image


Open up the TWAIN interface either by selecting Scan or X-ray.

The Screen should look like this:


If it doesn’t look like this, they either don’t have the “Immediately proceed with acquiring a new image” selected from 7a, or it is not  connecting. If it’s not connecting go through steps 5 – 8 again. 

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