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Sending Appointment Confirmations from TDO


If you are a TDO Cloud/Web user, you have the ability to send out appointment reminders from TDO using the Letters module. 


The first step in sending out appointment reminders from TDO is making sure that you have a template containing the proper tokens related to confirming an appointment. There is a generic template on the TDO4Endo.com website that can be customized to match the look and feel of the templates your practice is currently using.

To download, first login to the TDO4Endo.com website. Once logged in to the website, click the Technical Support tab and choose Support Materials.

The template to download is called Patient Appointment Confirmation Letter. Right click on the document and save

Open the document in Microsoft Word and copy all the text


Open the Letters Module and select the Template area

Click New and paste (or paste  keeping the source formatting) the text in the blank template

After this has been done, you can add your letterhead and customize as you see fit.

Save the template

Ensure that the delivery options for the template have been set to send the Patient an e-mail

Now you can either send out individual confirmation e-mails or send out a batch letter to multiple patients.

As you see in the template, there are options to either confirm or reschedule the appointment. If the patient selects Reschedule, it will send a status notification to whatever e-mail is set up to receive web notifications to let you know that the patient needs to be contacted to reschedule.

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