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 Program Setup

Fee Listing/ADA Codes

When you first install The Digital Office, the standard ADA codes are entered automatically.  However you must enter the fees you would like to be used for each of the codes.  You may add additional codes or change existing codes as well. To change... Read More

Adding Payer IDs (NEIC)

When setting up your insurance companies, the NEIC code associated with that company is selected.  The list of NEIC codes is shown under Program Setup and then ‘Payer ID (NEIC). NEIC codes are only used for electronic claim filing. You can... Read More


When entering prescriptions for a patient, you may enter what pharmacy they use.   This information is good to store especially if you call the prescription in.  You may enter pharmacies into your system directly from the Prescriptions page or... Read More

How to add a Payer ID

Steps to Add a Payer ID At the top of the program, click the Program Setup button From the drop down options, select Payer ID (NEIC)   Scroll to the bottom of this list and you will see a blank field with an asterisk * next to it.  Input the new... Read More

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