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Windows Updates causing Carestream Radiography Issues - Patch Instructions


Our Support team have received a number of calls from offices that are unable to acquire radiographs using Carestream sensors. Our developers have investigated and found the cause to be a recently released Windows Update installed on September 8, 2020. The Update numbers are KB4571756 and KB4576478. There is a third update from October 12, 2020 which is KB4579311. There is a fourth update from November 11, 2020 which is KB458678. The fifth update is KB4592438. Sixth was installed on 1/14 that update is KB4598242. Seventh update installed on 2/15 is KB4601319.

If you are using Carestream sensors, we would recommend pausing Windows Updates until these issues have been resolved. Reboot your computer and test.

What To Do If the Updates have already been installed?

Contact your IT Professional to have them remove updates KB4571756, KB4576478, KB4579311, KB4586781KB4592438, KB4598242, KB4601319 and from all operatory computers. Reboot Computer and test the sensor


Detailed Instructions

If you are running version 12.355x of TDO or above please follow these steps. This is a computer specific fix and will need to be run on all operatory computers using a Carestream sensor.

  • Make sure TDO is closed
  • Visit and then click on User Login. Login with your account username and password.


  • Click on the Download TDO button in the left hand navigation. There is a patch listed under the Fix for Windows Update Causing Carestream Integration IssueDownload the link for your version of TDO and save the file to a location that you can easily access for the next step.

  • When downloading, your browser may show a notification mentioning that the file can harm your computer. This is a secure file, please click Keep if this occurs.

  • Find the previously downloaded file in your Downloads path, and copy the file

  • Navigate to C:\Program Files (x86)\TDOffice\DotNet and then paste the file to this directory.
  • Run a TDO Autofix to complete the process.