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Microsoft Word Security Warning


When sending a report in the letters module there is a notification, Microsoft Word Security Warning, this may be displayed before the letter is completed. 

Current Status

As of July, 19th 2021:

Word 2016, Version 2106, Build 14131.20230 Click to Run and newer does not get the warning when you send a letter. 

If you are getting this error, please update you Microsoft Word.

Detailed Instructions

We are aware of the notification appearing.

This is known to affect Microsoft Word 2016 and higher.

  • In the Letters module, you can select either YES or NO to acknowledge the warning - it won't affect the sending of the letter

The version of Microsoft Word affected is 2106

  • You can check you version by opening Microsoft Word outside of TDO
  • File>Account> About Word

Note: The letter and report is still sending to its desired destination, this is only a notification being display by Microsoft Word.