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’Main Data > Pick X-Rays’ Removed in TDO Version 12


In TDO Version 12, the option that could previously be found (in TDO Version 11 and earlier) under ‘Main Data > Pick X-Rays’ is no longer available. In Version 12, a similar report can be created with the Letters Module.


Detailed Instructions

  1. From a patient record in TDO, launch the Letters Module by clicking ‘Letters’.
  2. Select the template ‘6-Image Report’. 
  3. This is a Fixed Letter Template, included by default in TDO, and cannot be edited or deleted; if you do not see this template in the drop-down list on the ‘New Letter’ tab, you may need to enable it from the ‘Templates’ tab. To enable this template, click the ‘Templates’ tab in the Letters Module, and select ‘6-Image Report’ from the drop-down list. If the ‘Don’t use Template’ box is checked, uncheck it, then return to the ‘New Letter’ tab and select ‘6-Image Report’ from the list. 
  4. The template will populate the patient’s information and their Patient Picture (if one has been taken and selected).
  5. In the body of the template, there are 6 cells where you can place images. Highlight one of the cells, then click ‘Pick Pictures’ on the left side of the screen, and select a picture for that cell. Then, click the next cell, and select another picture. Do the same for all 6 cells.
  6. You may now make any further changes needed to the letter, then Save and/or Send it.


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