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eRX - How to Reset your Password for prescribing Controlled Substances

Here are the steps to reset your EPCS Password:

When prescribing controlled substances in addition to the security code given from either the application or hardware fob, you are required to enter a signing password. If you have forgotten that password, here are the steps to reset.

TDO Tech Support does not have a master list of your passwords and if you forget your password, you will need to follow these steps.

Detailed Instructions


Inside the eRx Module, click on the brackets on the upper left side 


Go to Setup & Tools and select “EPCS Signup



·Click on "Reset Signing Password" under Setup 2-Factor Credentials




·Enter a new EPCS Password. Remember it must have letters, numbers, and symbols.


Because you already have a token registered, the Credential ID will be stored on this screen already.

 You will need to enter a security code from your app or key fob to confirm the token. When you have finished entering your new information click Register.





·   You will then see the Finish screen indicating you can now send prescriptions for controlled substances using your new password.


More Information

For more information, please refer to (external link)