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Prescribing Magic Mouthwash and Xylitol Rinse


Certain commonly used prescriptions need special steps in order to prescribe via eRx. We have listed some of them below:


Magic Mouthwash

*The pharmacist needs detailed instructions to formulate the correct rinse; just writing for “Magic Mouthwash” is not specific enough.


Xylitol Rinse

- On the Prescription Writer window, click on the blue ’wrench’ icon

- Under "Search By", select: Supplies

Note: This is considered a supply and will not populate under anything but the supply search parameter.


- Enter Xylitol in the Drug field and 2 options will show: Xylitol Powder and Xylitol Powder NF-National Formulary.

Note: Please save the prescription to (all) prescriber(s) favorite list if prescribed frequently.

- Once ’Drug’is selected, change the search by to "All Drugs" that way when the RX Writer opens again its still under "All Drugs."