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Tool to Enable eRX on Workstations (for TDO prior to 12.320b)


This tool is designed for eRx users who have TDO 12.311b or earlier. If you are using TDO version 12.320b or newer, you do not need to use this tool. 



After the initial eRX signup and training process has been completed, you will need to make a change to the TDO configuration file (TDO.ini) on each workstation where you will need to use eRx. You can use this tool to make this change automatically.


Using this tool will create a copy of TDO.ini rather than editing the content of the original. The original file will be renamed ’TDO_Old.ini’

Detailed Instructions: 

  1. Run enableerx.exe from TDOBuilds folder. If missing contact TDO so we can transfer the correct file into your TDOBuilds

  2. Right click the file and select ’Run as Administrator’. After the program finishes running, you should see:

Run enableerx.exe from each workstation where you will need to use eRx.



This warning means that TDO.ini already contatins a line ‘eRxEnable=YES’ (eRx is already enabled on this workstation).

This warning indicates either that TDO is installed to a non-standard directory, has not been installed, or that the tool was unable to read the file. Make sure you have run the tool as Administrator.


As version 12.320b and higher do not need to make a change to TDO.ini in order to enable eRx. You will see this warning if you try to use this tool with TDO 12.320b or higher.