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eRx - Problems viewing Print Preview of the Prescription when printing prescriptions in the eRx Module


If you are unable to view the Print Preview of the Prescription when printing prescriptions in the eRx Module, check to make sure that you have followed these steps.

Detailed Steps

Make sure:

1. Adobe Acrobat Reader is installed. If NOT installed please contact your IT. 

2. Open Adobe Reader outside TDO to verify that it works

3. Go to Edit > Preferences

4. Click on the “General” category on the left side

5. Click on “Select As Default PDF Handler

  • If you see the box to “Enable Protected Mode at Startup”, please uncheck the box (older versions of Adobe Reader)

6. Click OK

7. Go back to Edit > Preferences

8. Click on the “Security (Enhanced)” category

9. Uncheck the box to “Enable Protected Mode at startup” and make sure the “Enable Enhanced Security” box is checked.

10. Click OK

11. Close Adobe Reader

12. Reboot the computer

13. Once computer is back up and running, test again.

If you are having trouble with Adobe opening outside of the eRx module, or the print preview is not showing correctly. One potential solution is to install a different pdf reader and set it at as the default PDF program on the computer. Foxit PDF Reader has been seen to work for this exact situation. 

If you are still having trouble printing prescription in the eRx Module, please contact TDO Tech Support at 858-558-3696.

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