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What to do if a computer is stolen


 This article will give you steps to ensure that your TDO software does not get compromised in the event of a computer or tablet being stolen.

Detailed Instructions

These are steps primarily related to TDO software, there may be more steps to take with law enforcement or your IT outside of these steps.


In the event that a computer or tablet is stolen from your office, it is recommended to immediately change all active users’ TDO passwords.

To do this in version 12, go to the Setup tab, select Site Configuration >Add/Edit User Names and Passwords

To do this in version 11, go to Administrative >Add/Edit User Names and Passwords


From this menu, you can select a user, and change their password by deleting the password in the Password field and typing a new one.

Note: This is only necessary for users not marked "Inactive".

While it is unlikely that your TDO database has been accessed, if you would like to find out for sure, you can check the EHR Audit Log by going to Reporting Tools > Administrative > EHR Audit Log in version 12, or Reports > Administrative > EHR Audit Log in version 11. This report will show you the last time that TDO was accessed. It is also recommended to immediately have your IT change your Windows passwords and Wi-Fi password.


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