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Web Registration Calendar Icon


1 Overview

 The Web Registration Icon can be used to identify which patients have completed the Web Registration prior to their appointment date.

2 Configuring TDO

2.1 Icon

From the menu [Program Setup > Format String], select “Web Registration” in Appointment status icons to display:

2.2 Letters

Make sure to set a letter as “Patient Web Registration”. In this example, the template “Web Registration” has been set as “Patient Web Registration”:

3 Web Registration Icon in Calendar

The new icon will be displayed when certain conditions are met:

  • Web registration letter sent to the patient;
  • Appointment is confirmed and
  • Patient clicks “Save” button in the web/infograbber.

3.1 No icon

Let’s suppose for a new patient, an appointment is created. No web registration icon is displayed yet, because the web registration letter was not sent. Therefore, the appointment will be as below:


3.2 Red icon

Go to Letters and send a Web Registration Letter (explained in chapter 2.2).

Note now that, the appointment displays the web registration icon in red.

3.3 Yellow icon

Once the appointment is confirmed, then the web registration icon becomes yellow.


3.4 Green icon

Now, let’s suppose the patient fills out the web and clicks “Save” button in the Patient Registration page.


The web registration icon is now green.

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