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Importing Patient Insurance information from the Infograbber


TDO's Infograbber allows patient insurance information to be imported into the patient's Insurance tab in TDO. This article will go over how to do so. 

Detailed Instructions

First, we need the patient to complete the Insurance Card from the Infograbber. When selecting which forms the patient will complete, make sure the Insurance Card box is checked. Otherwise, the patient will not be prompted to supply their insurance info. Shown below is where that option is for both the Infograbber program and the web Infograbber respectively.

Once the patient gets to the Insurance Card screen, they will be prompted to enter their insurance information. Below is what the screen looks like for both the Infograbber program and the web Infograbber respectively.

Have the patient complete the Infograbber as normal.

Importing into TDO

After the patient has completed their Infograbber, we can go to the patient's Insurance tab in TDO. Once there, an Insurance Card button will appear near the center of the window, shown below. 

Once selected, a window will pop up with the information that the patient entered in the Infograbber. We can select Yes to import that information. 

Note: This will only fill the subscriber information for the patient. You must select the insurance carrier based off the information in the Patient Entered Information window. If you select an existing Insurance Profile, it will overwrite the Employer and Group Number that the patient provided with the information you have on file.