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Taking multiple X-rays with Carestream Sensors


This feature is implemented to make it easier to take multiple xrays with one click. CS 6100 and CS6200 sensors work with this new functionality.

This feature is available in 12.403 and newer.


  • In Acquire page, click the Tooth button
  • Check the “Continuous X Ray” box located between ‘Auto Stamp’ box and ‘Lectures’ button. Note: TDO will remember the selection next time you take an xray. If you don’t wish to take multiple xray you can simply uncheck the “Continuous X Ray” box.


The Carestream RVG Acquisition window will come up on the screen. NOTE: a timer will show with CS6100


  • Take the first image.
  • The first image will show in Acquire.
  • Then you will see the Carestream RVG Acquisition will show on the screen again for another xray.


  • The Carestream RVG Acquisition window will show as many times as you need. Notes: Every time you take an x-ray, the x-ray will show in acquire before the Carestream RVG Acquisition window comes up on the screen ready for another x-ray. For CS6100 sensors: if the timer runs out of time, you will need to click the ‘Tooth” button again to start the process.
  • When done taking x-rays, you can simply click on the “X” button to close the Carestream RVG Acquisition window.