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TDO Terms of Responsibilities

Responsibilities of the IT Professional

1) To resolve all networking issues. It is the responsibility of the IT Professional to maintain and resolve all network issues, so they comply with the recommended network configuration and specifications for TDO. This includes any performance issues with TDO experienced locally or system-wide.

2) Ensure that the server and all computers meet TDO’s Minimum Requirements.

3) Resolve any issues with IP conflicts, network protocol conflicts, network card failure and/or hub, switch or router conflicts.

4)To resolve any issues with routers, DSL modems, or hardware and software firewalls.

5) Make certain that the Windows updates are current on the server and all computers.

6)Run monthly scan disk, defragmentation, check log and diagnostics on the server hard

7) Maintain and properly configure the most current antivirus software.

8) Resolve any problem relating to or associated with a virus infection.

9) Configure external e-mail with local ISP using Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express. Resolve any issues related to or associated with external e-mail.

10) Configure, maintain and troubleshoot any peripheral devices attached to the network and/or local computers, including but not limited to monitors, printers, scanners, radiography sensors, digital cameras, flash card readers, modems, video cameras, tablet pcs, graphics tablets, etc.

11)Install, maintain and verify an off-site backup system that is tested for effectiveness on a monthly basis. This backup must be performed using the TDO Backup utility.

12) Configure and verify daily backups for the TDO Server Data, TDO Builds, TDO Images/Xrays and Lecture Images.

13)Perform a monthly Fire Drill to test and verify that the administrative workstation functions correctly as a proxy server, in the event that the server crashes.

14) Read all of the Technical Support documentation online at

Responsibilities of the Doctor

1)Inform DogBreath if there are changes in the number of computers with TDO installed in the office. DogBreath does not charge based on the number of computers. This information is required for internal control only.

2)Ensure that the daily backup runs correctly with all the correct PATHS installed and verified. It is the doctor’s responsibility to verify that the backups are running without any errors. If there is an issue with the TDO Backup, notify TDO Technical Support immediately. It is the doctor’s responsibility to ensure that the backup is being sent to the administrative workstation, not to the server.

3)Read all of the Technical Support documentation online at

4)To make certain that the front office staff is conversant with Windows conventions and Windows Explorer functionality. This means familiarity with Windows PATH statements, drive letter assignments and an understanding of where the TDOfficeData and TDO Builds are stored. Windows competency courses are available online at

5) Be sure to update to the latest version of TDO on a regular basis. It is the doctor’s responsibility to make sure your office is operating in the latest TDO version.

6) Make certain that you and all members of your staff fulfill all areas of TDO Training before using TDO day-to-day. We offer the following training resources: TDO Training Tutorials, the TDO Demo and two remote Training Sessions for the doctor(s). The doctor is responsible for contacting TDO Technical Support, at least two weeks in advance, to schedule the remote Training Sessions. The doctor is also responsible for sharing the TDO Training Tutorials and TDO Demo with new staff members who come on board.

7) Ensure that you are receiving TDO News. Through TDO News we communicate new TDO functionality, upgrades, User Group Meetings and corporate policies. To notify our users about new TDO functionality, upgrades, User Group Meetings, corporate policies and so on via TDO News. This is the e-mail forum through which we will communicate all critical messages to our TDO users.

8) Guarantee that the IT Professional performs the duties outlined in the above section in a timely and competent manner. It the doctor’s responsibility to find an experienced and dependable IT Professional.

9)To attend as many TDO User Group Meetings as possible. At least one TDO User Group Meeting will be scheduled every year.