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How to Reconnect Your VPN for TDO Cloud Services



In order to utilize TDO Cloud services an application called OpenVPN Connect is installed on your server. This allows patients to login to fill out their medical history, referring doctors to refer patients and view reports online, as well as for you staff to use the web based Infograbber application. In order for these services to function, the VPN must be connected. Occasionally the VPN may become disconnected and will require to be reconnected. 

Associated Error Message

This is an example of the error that would be seen if the VPN is disconnected.

Detailed Instructions

OPEN VPN Connect

Go to your server and in the system tray you will notice the following icon:


If you notice, the middle is gray and has an “X”. When the VPN is running properly, it will be a green coloration with a checkmark.

To reconnect the VPN, right click the OpenVPN icon and Select “openvpn3.tdo4endo.com”. Then select Connect as “VPNxx”.


 Once the VPN is connected, it will show as the Icon below.


At this point the VPN has been reconnected and you should be able to utilize the web infograbber and patients and referring doctors will be able to login to your website.

If you still have issues after this point, please contact TDO Technical Support at  877-435-7836


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