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Beta Tester Responsibilities

Details of Responsibilities

  • TDO Software will credit technical support fees while your practice is actively participating in the beta testing process.
  • The process of being a beta tester office will require more frequent new version release installations. Beta releases need to be installed within 1 week of their release, or at least scheduled to be upgraded within that week.
  • Beta testers are to use the software fully and report issues as soon as they are found. When an issue is found on the system, the TDO Software team will need to gather information on how the issue can be reproduced. This will require some additional time from the staff to allow for collecting and passing the information to TDO Staff.
  • On a replicated practice, TDO will take care of the server update (usually scheduling the update to occur at the end of the practice work day), and the most important workstations. The other workstations can be easily updated by the staff, after being trained on how to do it, and it will not take more than a few minutes to complete the workstation installation.
  • TDO Software does not anticipate any additional IT costs, but in case of a network unavailability during the update or any other issue that could prevent TDO from properly installing the new version, your IT will be contacted to verify the issue. Common IT repairs could still be required during the beta testing process that are not correlated to a new TDO version update.
  • The practice staff and the doctors MUST review the tutorials and articles available on our Knowledge base (http://kb.tdo4endo.com/category.php?id=68) to prevent unnecessary frustration with new functionalities.
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