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Adding a New Menu Link to Your Website Header

Accessing the Web Wizard

To make changes to your TDO Website, you may access the Web Wizard to add content to your new website yourself by typing in the search bar of your web browser

yourwebsite address/wizard

e.g www.garycarrdds.com/wizard


For your username and password to the Web Wizard, you will find it in TDO under Setup - Site Configuration - Edit Doctor Information - Web ID/ Web Pwd.

If you need help navigating the Web Wizard you can find instructional videos at TDO University here: https://kb.tdo4endo.com/article.php?id=705

The instructions in this article do not apply if your office is using a Wordpress website. For assistance in adding a new menu item to your Wordpress website, please reach out to the TDO Cloud team at clouddesign@tdo4endo.com.


To add a new Header Menu Link:



Click on Site Links – Add New Header- Type in your new header text and mark as Visible.



To add a new sub menu to a main header menu:

Scroll down to Website Links – Find the Main Header menu you would like to add a sub menu to – Go to Add New Page-Add text and mark as Visible.



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