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Referral Chat


With TDO Cloud, there is a Referral Chat feature that allows your Referring Doctor to communicate with you or someone in your office.  

Note: in order to enjoy this feature, you must be using TDO Cloud services. For more information adding this service, call TDO Tech Support at (858)558-3696


From within TDO:

Go to Messages in TDO and select Referral Chat to open the Referral Chat window to ensure someone in the office is available for any Referring Doctor who wishes to chat. This window must be open on at least one workstation in order for Referral Chat to function.


This window can be minimized (or moved over is you have a big monitor) at any time to allow your work in TDO.


If minimized, there will be a ‘flower’ icon (TDO icon) on the task bar



For your Referring Doctors:

Have your referring doctor log in to the Referring Doctor log in area on your Website.


Once logged in, there will be a CHAT tab.


After clicking on the CHAT tab, the Referring Doctor will be able to see who is available to chat.


Have them select the Staff Member available you wish to chat and the Chat area will come up on the screen


Start typing the message on the box at the bottom.



To submit the message, please hit the Enter key on the keyboard and the message will appear at the top of the Chat area.


How this will appear in TDO:

Once the Referring Doctor sends the message, the TDO “Chat” window will pop up on the screen with the Referring Doctor’s message.

Note: Keep in mind there might be multiple chat sessions with different Referring Doctors at the same time.


To reply to a specific Referring Doctor’s message please click on the ‘dropdown’ button to select the Referring Doctor’s name (just in case there are multiple chat sessions with different Referring Doctors) and start typing your message.


 Click Send when your message is finished


How this appears to your Referring Doctor:

The chat will show like the image below:


To end the chat session, the Referring Doctor can simple close CHAT window.


Closing Referral Chat in TDO:

To close the Referral Chat window, simply click on the “X” button at the upper right corner. This way you or staff will will not show as available for future chat sessions on the Referring Doctor’s side if you are not actually at the workstation

Ensuring Chat works

To ensure your Referring Doctor is able to communicate with you or someone in the office, please have at least one Referral Chat window open from one of the Staff member’s TDO account otherwise no staff members will show as available on the Referring Doctor’s side

Ensuring this works in a replicated environment 

At your secondary location (or any other location besides the primary) the workstation running the Referral Chat  MUST be able to ping the server on the primary location. If the VPN between locations is setup only for the servers, this will not work. The workstation MUST be able to ping the primary server.

This will likely require your IT professional to setup a VPN on the computer using Referral Chat at any location other than the Primary

Also, the workstations utilizing Referral Chat must not be logged in with the same TDO username. If they are logged in with the same username the messages from the web will display ONLY on the first TDO Chat that receives the message.

Staff must use different accounts if they want to be logged in on different locations at the same time.